Rejected Political Appointee Pretty Okay With Keeping Million Dollar Law Firm Gig

Reaching for paper to “take notes”.

Reaching for paper to “take notes”.

WASHINGTON—On Friday the Senate rejected the nomination of Walter Vinetti for Secretary of Administration. On Monday Vinetti went back to work earning a million dollars a year as an attorney at Kaiser, Attila & Hun on K St., and he seemed pretty okay with it.

Said Vincetti, “Public service may be a higher calling, but it’s definitely not a higher paying.”

Instead of earning fast food wages to tolerate intense media scrutiny and get yelled at by Congress, Vinetti can now read Wikipedia on the toilet and bill it out as fact gathering.

The beauty of it is he’s getting paid so much more for doing more or less the same job. Kaiser, Attila & Hun’s practice is built primarily around government contracts, and Vinetti’s main client is the Department of Administration.

“I feel sorry for the poor—emphasis on poor—chump that does get the nomination,” Vincetti said.

Michael Lemain, the poor chump most likely to get the nomination, had a different take. “I’m in it for the end game,” he said. “For me it’s four years of networking and then hello high-powered lobbyist.”

If the Senate does confirm Lemain, he will be the first appointed head of the Department of Administration since its founding in 1983. In the interim the Acting Secretary has been a goldfish named Steven.

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