Worse Than Fiction: Poetry of Politicking

Senate, Senate, mostly white
Wealthy on the left and right
What donations of what size
Made it so goddamn hard
To compromise?

House House House
Of Representatives
Two-year terms
So brief yet
So argumentative:
How How How
Did you steer US
To the cliff
And still get reelected?

Two, four six, eight
Months and three years it’s been
Since Congress passed a budget.
Five four three to one
Are the odds you’ll get
That no amount of nagging
By Obama will nudge it.

Two parties diverged on the common good,
And sorry I could not vote out both
And be one voter, long I stood
And stalled at the ballot box as long as I could
Until I saw the independent bloke;

And I didn’t recognize his name,
Yet knew his party had no better claim,
Because it was extreme in point of view;
Though as for the major parties two
I was sick of them about the same;

We shall be in debt a mountain high
Sometime elections and elections hence:
Two parties diverged on what’s good and I—
I wrote in a vote for Mickey Mouse,
And it didn’t make any difference.

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