Worse Than Fic.: Poe. of Budg. Cuts

Yesterday my job was funded
Yesterday ain’t here no more
Yesterday I got sequestered
So today I’m stuck at home
Watching my kids instead of
At work watching YouTube videos

There once was a man from the Hill
Who couldn’t pass a spending bill
Though he caused a contraction
By his stubborn inaction
The effect on his job was, oh, nil

“S” is for Sound fiscal spending
Treating the taxpayer like an investor
“E” is for…er, well…
We lost funding for the rester
So to hell with “equester”

Two chambers, both alike in infamy,
In fair Washington, where they like to preen
From party grudge find new ignominy,
Where civic pride makes civil men obscene.
From forth the fatal votes of these two foes
A fed’ral budget goes to meet its end;
While cuts to Medicare the Dems oppose
Republicans want on defense to spend.
The doubtful passage of a spending deal,
Continuing resolution running out,
Which, for the debt ceiling, nought could appeal,
Is now a test of presidential clout;
The which, alas, is hardly even there,
Thanks to the push to pass ObamaCare.

For never was a story of more woe
Than this of John Boehner’s dog and pony show

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