Art of Bureaucracy: The Commute

Painting about taking the bus to work in DC

The Commute
Acrylic on Canvas (2013)

Late for work, the analyst stands in the rain awaiting the S1. His smartphone says it’s due ten minutes ago. He is without umbrella. The analyst gives it five more minutes, then five more minutes, then five more minutes, and finally there it is, a block away and approaching fast. He pulls his SmarTrip card from his wallet and steps to the curb. Here comes the bus, and there it goes, barreling past without so much as a shrug from the driver. The analyst thinks he sees the assholes who couldn’t be bothered to move to the back to make room flick him off as the bus speeds by, but then again that could just be a trick of the rainwater running down his glasses. He waits another five minutes, then another five minutes, then flags down a cab, getting in just in time to watch an empty S1 pull up to his stop and let everyone on.

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