Informational Interview Leads to Job Offer Following Polite Thank You Note

A pen. She, of course, used email.

A pen. She, of course, used email.

WASHINGTON—It started with coffee and ended with a full-time job offer to be director of operations for the Latin American region. Amanda Walters, 22, of NW Washington, DC, owes it all to a thank you note she wrote to follow up after an informational interview.

Says Walters, “I was talking with this friend at a party about how I hated my job, and he was like, you should totally talk to this other friend, and at first I didn’t really want to because I’m terrible at networking, but then I did, and it turned out he was totally right!”

The actual interview did not go so great. “I tried to pay for his coffee, but he was like, no, you can get me next time,” Walter says. “And then I tried to ask him about his agency but he was like, wow, you have such pretty eyes, why don’t we start by you telling me about yourself?”

After taking up, at his insistence, way more than the twenty minutes of his time she had asked for, Walters realized she forgot to bring business cards. “But he was like, that’s cool, why don’t you just give me your cell and I’ll text you sometime?”

Just to be polite, the next day Walters sent a nice thank you note as instructed by her college career center. To her surprise, the guy responded immediately with a job offer. “He was like, wow, you’re so eloquent and such and such, how about a job?”

Although her start date isn’t until next Monday, they’re meeting up for drinks on Friday night to talk more about the position.

Walters insists, “And I’m paying!”

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