Read the Briefs

Here is a collection of the shorter material released by the Washington Bureaucrat for those of you with the attention span of a government principal.

Audit Trail: Bureaucrat at the Beach (06/02/13)

The Pearl – Acrylic on Canvas (03/21/13)

“CFC”sons Greetings (11/14/12)

CFC Email Chain (11/8/12)

Halloween Horror Story (10/31/12)

Sonnet 18.ppt (10/5/12)

Thank You Memo (9/20/12)

The Bureaucrat – Acrylic on Canvas (8/30/12)

Office Water Club Agreement (8/24/2012)

Program Analyst Job Posting (8/17/2012)

Book Club Briefing Memo (7/9/2012)

Department of Administration New Employee Orientation Presentation (3/19/2012)

Draft Declaration of Independence (1/17/2012)

Interview with Farley Chalmers, Chief Economist at Neumann Brothers (12/18/2011)

Department of Administration Internal Holiday Party Memo (12/12/2011)