Department of Comics Measures Morale

Q: When a whole slew of staff leaves the department, you should:

(a) Determine why they left and try to address those concerns;

(b) Consider shaking up the management chain; or

(c) Force the remaining staff to take a satisfaction survey and the endure endless meetings to discuss the results?

A: If you really need to ask, you’ve clearly never worked in government.

Comic about an employee satisfaction survey

Employee satisfaction survey

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Department of Comics Still On Travel

Nothing says fun quite like forced social interaction with coworkers outside of normal work hours while on travel. The Department of Comics investigates.

Department of Comics 031

Work travel

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Department of Comics Takes a Trip

Two magic words are all it takes to get a bureaucrat on a plane: per diem. Come on down to the Department of Comics to investigate what has supplanted the hokey pokey as being what it’s all about.

Comic about getting per diem for work travel

Per diem

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Department of Comics Has a Baby Shower

With furloughs on the horizon, what better time to take maternity/paternity leave? Or just make up a fake baby and enjoy the three months out of the office? Could bureaucrats really be so calculating? The Department of Comics investigates.

Comic about collecting money for a baby shower

Baby shower

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Department of Comics Cleans Up

The “office management specialist” called in sick today, which means it must be Fridge Cleaning Friday at the Department of Comics. Ah, well, if she’s out of commission I’m sure one of the analysts can take care of it.

Comic about cleaning out the office fridge

Fridge cleaning

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Department of Comics Visits the NSA

America, if you only knew just how much information your government collects on you you would pee your pants in fear. But then once you realized how inept the government is at using that information you’d pee your pants laughing. The moral of the story is, if you use traceable technology wear a diaper.

Comic about what the NSA does with the data it collects in Operation PRISM

Operation PRISM

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Department of Comics Gets Audited

You may have heard some mumbo jumbo about the IRS unfairly targeting conservative groups for audits. Well before you get your Congressional inquiries all in a twist, why don’t you join special guest Regulatory Process Explainer Man over at the Department of Comics for a lesson in government objectivity?

Comic about the regulatory audit planning process

Audit planning

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Department of Comics Cuts Costs

When it comes to cutting costs, it’s the little things that count. So pinch your pennies and head over to the Department of Comics for some fine tips on how to save money on print toner.

Comic about cost cutting measures

Cost cutting

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Mother’s Day at the Department of Comics

Automatons though they may be, even bureaucrats once upon a time started out from mothers. Now, what to get the woman who assembled you…?

Comic about Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

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Department of Comics Refunded

Out of solidarity with the sequestered, the President’s giving back half of what he’ll earn for one speech after his term ends. What will it cost the government to figure out how to spend the money? The Department of Comics investigates.

Comic about the President giving back some of his salary because of the sequester

Presidential pay cut

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