Department of Comics

Comic about collecting money for a baby shower

Baby shower

Comic about cleaning out the office fridge

Fridge cleaning

Comic about what the NSA does with the data it collects in Operation PRISM

Operation PRISM

Comic about the regulatory audit planning process

Audit planning

Comic about cost cutting measures

Cost cutting

Comic about Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

Comic about the President giving back some of his salary because of the sequester

Presidential pay cut

Comic about government agencies after sequester cuts

After the sequester

Comic about take your kids to work day


Comic about the government shutting down because of snow


Comic about staying late for appearances

Flex schedule

Comic about excessive touch base meetings

Touch base meeting

Comic about what it really means to do analysis in the government


Comic about planning for the debt ceiling

Debt ceiling planning

Comic about what happens when you show initiative

Showing initiative

Comic about why it takes so long to respond to FOIA requests

The FOIA request

Comic about average job tenure

Job tenure

Comic about the office holiday party

The holiday party

Comic about the shortcut to success

Shortcut to success

Comic about CCing everyone and their mom on every email

CC chain reaction

Comic about early dismissal for Thanksgiving

Early dismissal

Comic about ambiguous assignments

The briefing book

Comic about government due dates

Government due dates

Comic about the interagency process

The interagency process

Comic about stand-up meetings

Stand-up meetings

Comic about the unemployment rate

The jobs report

Comic about performance reviews

Performance review

Comic about drafting documents

The drafting process

Comic about the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5